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​Insulated glass helps to maintain inside room temperature while saving energy

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Insulated Glass Units

NU-STAR GLASS & MIRROR   |  350 E. Easy St. # 12 Simi Valley, CA             

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Nu-Star Glass & Mirror

350 E. Easy St. #12

Simi Valley, CA 93065

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Units improve thermal performance by providing a thermal break between the glass and the sealed air spacer. The IG units are a high quality, total energy performance product that translate into reduced energy cost and increased comfort. The IG units will keep the heat in during the cold weather and will retain the heat out during the hot weather. The IG units can give a greater value when conjunction with Low-E and reflective coated glass. Low-E glass should always be insulated with the coating to the inside (surface #2). Our IG unit’s have been tested and certified by IGCC.

NU-STAR GLASS 7 MIRROR IG units or "double-pane" glass are usually used in residential, commercial and industrial constructions. These types of IG Units are required by building codes in many areas as mandatory energy conservation measure. Insulating Glass (IG) units are hermetically sealed combinations of two or more lites of glass separated by a dry airspace. IG units improve thermal performance, significantly reducing heating and air conditioning costs. PRL Glass is a Guardian Sun Guard certified fabricator. “SunGuard coatings provide substantial improvements – up to 50 percent in U-values and solar heat gain coefficients compared to uncoated IG units.”

Max size 137" x 87"
Min size 6" x 6"
Thickness from 1/2" - 1-1/2"


Showroom in Simi Valley

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IG's provide heat/cold insulation, condensation and soundproof resistance

IG units consist off the following 

Polysulfide (standard) Primary seal
Butyl Secondary seal
Two or more lites of glass
Argon gas-fill (Optional when Low E Used)
Aluminum Spacer with integral desiccant
Unit thickness from 1/2" inches to 1 1/2" inches
Guardian Products - SN68 & SNX 62/27 (Soft Coat Low E)
PPG Product - SunGate 500 (Hard Coat Low E)

I.G. Unit Line Capabilities

Standard Spacers available in 3/16" - 3/4" in either clear or bronze
Super Spacer also available
Standard Grids (5/8" & 3/4" in either white or bronze)
Sculptured shape grids available (5/16" x 1" White)


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